Telegram blockchain may have Ethereum compatibility

Sep 05, 2019

According to a technology startup that develops tools for Ethereum (ETH), the Telegram Blockchain (TON) will be compatible with Ethereum Blockchain.

The flagship network of “Telegram Open Network (TON)” was expected to be launched on Sunday (31) allowing users to test their designs. However, there is still no officially available information if this network has been launched.

TON Labs, GRAM's investor-led technology startup, is creating a series of developer tools. The purpose is to help them develop the new network. According to the startup, one of these tools will be a Solidity compiler. This will allow DEX applications created for Ethereum to run on TON as well. This is according to TON Labs CEO and Managing Partner Alexander Filatov.

Filatov told CoinDesk:

“That was probably the hardest thing we built. This will allow the advanced Ethereum community to put everything they have written for ethereum in TON. "

The compiler has been in testing since July, he said.

“We have very little time between the release of the node and the release of the core network to test, identify and fix potential bugs and vulnerabilities.”

The code for a lightweight client was shared with investors earlier this year and leaked immediately to the general public. Filatov said this client allowed users to play with some of the basic functions of the TON blockchain.

“You can test with the GRAMs, write a simple smart contract by talking to the node through a lightweight client creating a wallet,” said Filatov.

Telegram raised at least $ 1.7 billion in 2018. This amount will go towards launching its own blockchain. The encrypted messaging service has already claimed to have over 200 million active users worldwide.

Could ICO have been canceled?

According to sources on the internet, the telegram ICO may have been canceled. But that, if the ICO was not launched this Sunday (31). However, there is no official confirmation from Telegram yet.



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