Bitcoin reaches 400 million transactions worldwide

Apr 18, 2019

The use of crypto-coins in monetary transactions is increasingly popular worldwide, reflecting a new brand that Bitcoin has recently achieved. The virtual currency has reached 400 million transactions carried out worldwide, with an average of 350 thousand transactions per day.

More than 400 million transactions of bitcoins around the world have been confirmed, arriving at moments in which almost 15 thousand uses only of this criptomoeda per hour. In March, the currency came to be worth US $ 5,000, or R $ 19,200 in direct conversion, something that warmed up the crypto-currency market.

In just one day, transactions totaled 1,956,321 BTC, equivalent to US $ 10.2 billion (approximately R $ 39.1 billion), with the average of each transaction traveling between 5.44 BTC, or US $ $ 28,316 (R $ 108,792.90 in direct conversion).

The increase in value made bitcoins transactions increase considerably in March, reaching more than 350 thousand requests for transactions in a single day. Because of this increase in demand for the exchange of bitcoins, the rate per transaction also increased, jumping from R $ 3.38 to R $ 8.72.



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