Confidence in Bitcoin is lower than in the rest of the crypto-market - say research

Apr 25, 2019

A survey conducted in Europe showed the level of confidence that Europeans have in the crypto-coins market and Bitcoin.

The survey involved 10,000 European citizens in 8 countries of the continent. It showed that there is great confidence in the crypto-coins market, but not so much in Bitcoin.

When asked if they believe that crypto-coins will still exist in 10 years, the answer was as follows:

The Norwegians are the most optimistic with 73% confidence that the market will still exist. On the other side we have the French, are no longer so confident with 55%. On average, 63% of respondents believe that crypto-coins will continue to exist.

For bitcoin, the story is a bit different, 55% think that Bitcoin will continue to exist in the next 10 years. Despite the decline in confidence, 55% is still quite expressive.

The COO of bitFlyer, the exchange that conducted the search, spoke to the CCN portal about the results:

"The results indicate that the reputation of crypto-coins has moved beyond 'hyper' and has become somewhat established. It is very easy to forget how new crypto-coins are; we just celebrated the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. Until now, most consumers believe in the future of crypto-coins, it is undoubtedly a great achievement. "

"Negative" results
The slightly more negative results regarding Bitcoin may be seen as a side effect of its popularity. Being the first crypto-currency, it is still the main target of negative news from the media and banks.

The narrative "bad bitcoin, good blockchain", widely scattered by large banks, may be one of the causes for Bitcoin's somewhat lower trust in the population.

And as the COO of bitFlyer said, the numbers are not so negative, on the contrary, most of the opinion believes in the future of Bitcoin.



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