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Sep 17, 2019

Platform Calastone migrated its support for distributed network. There will be 1800 clients in 41 countries with integrated real-time blockchain financial services

Calastone, the global leader in multi-fund investment management, is putting the world's largest financial services community via blockchain into operation today. This is because the company migrated its support to a Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI), according to information also available on the official website. About two years ago, the conclusion of the testing phase was announced that verified the feasibility of using the blockchain to create an international market for trading and settlement of funds.

The change is celebrated by the company's director of innovation, Campbell Brierley, as a qualitative step, allowing to integrate and make more competitive the market of end operations. The launch of DMI platform will allow, from anywhere in the world and in real time , transactions are performed by organizations that are part of the network associated with Calastone, regardless of the size or scale of financial transactions. A sub-registration service will also be added, which allows the generation of a movement history that will be shared between trading partners from any point in the distribution chain.



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