Japan: The Japan Data initiative is taking blockchain security to more than 100 companies

Jun 21, 2019

In Tokyo many universities are creating departments to help students in the era of artificial intelligence and big data, which refers to the collection of large datasets that are often analyzed to reveal trends in human behavior, this favors the sharing of such data and the increase of more people working with technology and information security.

It is not only students who are paying attention to data science, companies are also realizing such a revolution and need to compile them to better understand the scenario they are in, as well as analyzing the market, economic or social goal that they want to achieve .

Akimichi Takemura, director of the Faculty of Data Science at Shiga University, which established Japan's first faculty of data science in 2017, said: "Corporations are very interested in data science departments. Our university receives business inquiries once every 10 days, indicating that data science has become a necessary skill to have in society. "

The Nikkei Asian Review news agency reported today, June 17, about a data-sharing initiative involving 100 of Japan's largest companies to use the blockchain for their security. The project will begin in the spring of 2020 and aims to share production data to increase overall efficiency.

Mitsubishi Electric and Yaskawa Electric are among the top 100 Japanese manufacturers that will adhere to the strategy. This strategy favors all those involved, since it accelerates production and improves the economy even more.

Manufacturers used to keep all the data collected at their factories, since it contained know-how directly linked to competitiveness. But now they believe that sharing that data safely will increase performance. This project allows participants to decide how much data to share, whether to share it with one or more companies, and to charge a fee for the information.

The controller of the project is the Industrial Value Chain Initiative, an industry organization formed four years ago by interested Internet-of-Things (IoT) manufacturers and "Blockchain is expected to reduce the risk of data comparison with information management on servers, as well as reducing operating costs, "Nikkei explains.



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